Someone was killed. Brutally murdered
But the scene of the crime was filled with a silent chill.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010 |9:43 AM

I hate a strange feeling.
For the first time, i missed a guy.
Those close to me would probably know whom am i talking about.
Just now, something reminded me of him.
(I know this is beginning to sound gay but im not one, these are true feelings)
I always think that he is a person who doesn't care about other people feelings.
Honestly up till now, i still think so.
But recently i thought, he was the one who brought me onto this path.
Honestly, having its advantages and disadvantages.
He was the one who taught me sparring.
He thought me even though i told him i wouldnt want to learn.
Training wasnt very easy of course.
But then soon enough, i got the basics right.
There are many things i couldnt comprehend at times.
But as i sat there thinking about it just now, there were many times you were there for us. Covering for us, even protecting us.
I know i would miss you. Your laughter, your jokes, your bike sound even your scolding and beating.
I heard a news from Anson just now. Heard that you would be in there for 2 years.
I know you would be fine inside, knowing your size and skills would be an advantage for you in there.
But then, again, there wont be anyone to entertain us as much anymore.
I saw a "kong ba pau" just now. Immediately, it reminded me of you. I know thats your favourite.
I know your "children" would miss you more then i do, but i still feel like typing my feelings here.
I would probably be finding kaixiang and meet you tmr. Hope to take a picture of you and your smiling garfield face. :)
Apart from me, there would definetely be others who would miss you too :)
I think "she" would be the one who would think of you everyday.
Seriously, i hope that time can just fly to the future, instead of rewinding the past. Cause through this, then u can fully understand what you've learnt.
I hope that you wouldnt forget us when you are inside. We would miss you.
:) smile always

Saturday, July 31, 2010 |5:59 AM

hey people.
Jaymien in the house yo.
These few days have been hanging out with the same groups.
Doing nothing much, attending sch like a guai kia :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010 |8:12 PM

hello all my fellow readers :D
These few days have been quite busy though.
Sentosa trip have been cancelled. sad uh.
Anyway these few days have been hanging out with terry and christine :D
That CHRISTINE FANG keep laughing all the way. LOL
Like one mad woman. Me and terry didnt do anything, she also laugh.
Hope that she can go home though, her parents keep scolding her for something.
Hope that she can find that "thing" back ):
TAta folks.


Saturday, July 17, 2010 |9:17 PM

hahas, thanks everyone who gave me postive comments.
these few days have been working. for 3 days liaos. earn 99 dollars.
been standing throughout my working time. leg damm tired.
But no choice. gotta start earning money.
i seem to have much lesser time then in the past.
every since i started work, i seemed to cherish my friends, weekends and money.
Next week dinner with WINNIE FANG :D

Monday, June 28, 2010 |5:42 PM

I'am here to post again :)
So many things, where should i start off?
Firstly, my curfew is over. i wouldnt need to go to lakeside anymore.
But i am still waiting for cantonmennt to call me.
So that i can officially end this.
Seriously, i miss that place.
All the fun we had together.
Going there has taught me many things.
Learn leadership skills, teambuilding, and how to speak up.
Apart from that, i also learned how to play table tennis too.
Trust me, its a very fun game :)

Anyway. these past few days have been almost the same.
Most of the time at home playing game :)
Seldom go out.
I want to turn over a new leaf.
I want to stop this worrying life.
Everyday when i walk home, i would have to see whether anybody is following me.
When i go out with friends, i would have to worry if there is any trouble.
Sometimes even when i dont make trouble, they come to you.
Certainly, they are still my brothers.
I dont know how to make a decision.
Anyway, i am quitting smoking from today onwards.
Burns a big big hole in my pocket and my lungs.
Hope that i would succeed this time round.
good luck to all my friends :)

Monday, June 21, 2010 |6:33 AM

why is everyone these few days so sad?
Things use to be so happy and less stressful in the past.
i miss those days whereby we are free to do what we wanted.
But everyone seem to be busy nowadays.
I really hope everyone would present a smile on their faces when they see me.
I wish everyone would be happy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010 |10:02 PM

Nothing very much to post about.
Just anticipating the upcoming wolfteam competition. :)
hope my slot is confirmed :D